A little about me...

Welcome to my world and my perspectives, my name is Victoria Lopez. I am a Texas State University public relations student in San Marcos, Texas. We are home of the Bobcats, Eat Em’ up Eat Em’ up Go Cats Go! I am heading into my senior year as public relations major as well as a sales associate at Ann Taylor Loft Outlet. I am here building my website to give you insight into my world.

I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, home of the dry air and the best Mexican food I have ever eaten. If you are ever passing through or visiting for a moment the locals will tell you to try Chico’s Tacos, home of a secret sauce and family owned business. El Paso has beautiful mountain terrain with beautiful sunsets and amazing city views. My hometown was a wonderful place to grow up and make memories; it shaped who I was as an individual and I am grateful for that, but at a very young age I made it a goal to venture off to different cities. Currently I reside in San Marcos, Texas a college town between San Antonio and Austin. I moved up here about three years ago to attend Texas State University. When I first applied to Texas State I was perusing accounting as a degree but a little more than a year later I found out that accounting wasn’t a degree I saw myself enjoying in the future. When I moved in to my first apartment I have three roommates who were apart of the Mass Communication and Journalism school at Texas State and they showed me a brighter side of college. That was when I fell in love with public relations. Public relations has been my major for a little under two years and I enjoy learning more about the area of subject everyday. I am excited to see where public relations takes me in my career path. I believe in bringing awareness to a community whether it is about a new product, an event, or a major issue, having community involvement is something I hope to bring to many communities.

Looking Forward to the Future

My long-term goal is to hopefully make it to Washington, D.C. I hope to live in Virginia but be able to still experience everything the D.C. metro area has to offer. The museum district is amazing as well as endless sight seeing opportunities. My family lived in Virginia for two years and on my visits from college I was able to take some adventures and visit some historical landmarks. I would love to take trips around the Virginia area to learn more about the history of the US and its founding fathers. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for me and where it takes me. I hope you are able to relate with me, throughout my website I will be taking a lot about my hobbies such as running and going to museums on my off time. I will also posting my projects for my web designing class. I hope you enjoy my pages and get an insight in my world and my perspective.